Whisky Frames: Rustic Scottish Charm

How do you like your whisky in the Winter?

I like mine in a frame. Well, not all of it as that would be suspicious. But I do like a dram and I’m also a mad fan of stuff with a dubious history. Sea glass, Scotland and now, Whisky Frames. I am like a magpie to stuff that allows my imagination to run wild. I will comb the beach picking up the discarded crappy glass, creating my own romantic version of events. Even if himself is standing by telling me that the glass in my hand has probably never seen the sea and was most likely remnants of a drunken local beach night. And I beg to differ. This is very similar with accessories made from authentic whisky barrels.

Whisky Frames

You’re probably thinking, “yeah but it’s a whisky frame Victoria, and if we can find out where the whisky barrel came from, then we can find out the history of the frame.” And I call shull-bit. How many drams can you get out of a standard barrel of whisky? I don’t know. But I’m guessing it’s a lot. And that whisky is shipped all over the world. Which leads me to believe that it may have been sipped by anyone from royalty, to the local drunk. What were the events following said, consumers, whisky experience? Did he use his dram for dutch courage to pursue a pretty lady? Or did he create the mother of all drunken-omelettes? Did he rob a local seagull of her nest? One shalt never know.

Bilge Beauty

So when our beautiful Bilge Frame arrived in the post, I was absolutely delighted. The first thing I did with my new frame was, of course, smell it. Like some kind of wood-creep. I was looking for scents of sherry and malt. What I got was the smell of well, wood. But in my head, I could smell a million stories. Who’s to say I’ve not actually had a dram from this barrel? Who’s to say you haven’t? All those untold stories, taking pride of place on my coffee table.

She’s a tramp, but we love her

And then we had to decide which photo to put in our new frame. Me, drunk on a cruise ship? Himself, drunk in Berlin? My granny, drunk in Inverness? Or a photo of Callie, our own little yellow tramp. And as you can see, the tramp won. Whisky frames make a marvellous gift for anyone craving a wee bit of romantic Scottish style. Grab yours here. 



The Chief.