Wild Swimming at Loch Moy2 min read

Moy Oh Moy

So, I did it, I did it, I did it!! And now I’m obsessed and need to do it every single day. To put it in perspective, I’ve been wanting to wild swim as an adult in Scotland since before I was born. Make sense of that!! There are heaps of really ballsy folk who wild swim in just a costume in the middle of Winter in Loch Ness. But I wasn’t ready for any of that. So I waited until it was 26 degrees in the Scottish Highlands for my first time. Hot and wet baby, hot and wet. And what a fantastic experience!

Loch Moy is around a 20-minute drive from Inverness, and we were in the area visiting clients. The Highlands and Islands are completely spoilt with places to outdoor swim though, and I’m ticking them off, one peaty loch at a time!

5 things I Learnt From My First Time Wild Swimming

  1. Loch Moy, (on the road from Inverness to Aviemore and the Cairngorms) was the best possible place for me to start wild swimming. There was nobody around for miles because it’s a massive hidden gem which meant it was alright to strip off for both the swimming cozzie struggle dance and the drying my boobs under the birch trees part. Also, the Loch is completely private and there is hardly ever anyone around. Perfect oui?
  2. The loch, like many lochs in the Highlands, is dark because of the peat. So from the word go I had to have the mindset that I wasn’t going to have my Simply Be swimmer ripped from my jiggly bits and dragged to the depths. It was also slightly unnerving not knowing what I was walking on. Moss or dead sheep? *prays for moss but has anxiety*
  3. Yes, I waited until it was 25 degrees for my first time because the hotter and wetter the better huh?  The water was nippy but nowhere near as cold as I thought it would be, and I coped absolutely fine. Scott had chilly balls but he manned up eventually.
  4. The views are SICKENING. In a good way obv. Shimmering waters, steep hills and birds of prey darting in and out of the thick mass of Scots pine trees. What a delight.
  5. There is no and I mean NO better feeling that swimming in a freshwater Loch with dunderheed the doggo. I don’t know who loved it more, me or her. I stayed in there for nearly 3 hours swimming back and forth and sometimes I even had my boobs oot which would have given the local trout some aye candy.

I’m in love.



The Chief.
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