Winter Warmer: Westbeach Jacket Review

What do you call a jacket that’s on fire?

A blazer. And that’s certainly what this Westbeach jacket is. From the guilty-pleasure leather jackets that went out of fashion long before I was born and the obligatory “I’m just a mindless drone” every day “it’ll do me” garments; I have strolled about in plenty of human-sized postage and packaging. But when this beauty arrived, it really caused an internal Gok Wan style clear-out. Why have a load of hanger hoggers when you can just have the ultimate all-rounder? Thinking about purchasing yourself a brand new cosy jacket? Check out my Westbeach Jacket review.

Westbeach Jacket Review

I really love this jacket, more than I thought I would. Firstly, it’s ridiculously comfortable. I got sent a medium size first which was a wee bit too big (which shocked all of us, I eat like many Gods), so I exchanged it for a small. Take two was a perfect fit. Turns out Westbeach don’t just do high quality, style and comfort, their jackets flatter you as well, by telling you that you’re not as fat as you thought you were. Extra brownie points there, or since the brand is Canadian, Maple syrup points? I don’t know.

He’s Like the Wind

“I just blew in from the windy city, the windy city is mighty pretty, but they ain’t got what we got.” Once upon a time, in another of my nine lives, I had a waterproof, windproof and extremely cosy hi-vis jacket that made me look like a yellow snowman working silver accessories. It was a work jacket that I wore for standing underneath helicopters while I refuelled and loaded them up. I used to fuel choppers, how times do change.

I don’t know if you’ve stood outside in Scotland? Let alone stood underneath a twin-engined, 20 seater offshore Sikorsky-92 in Aberdeen (a place not commonly known for its subtropical climate) while its rotors are running. Our work jacket held its nerve and kept me cosy. The amazing thing is, this Westbeach Domineer Jacket is substantially cosier, which is crazy for a consumer product, and then there is the added benefit of not looking like a New York taxi.

Raindrops keep falling on my head

This Westbeach jacket has loads of pockets, a hood with a cap bit at the front, an elastic band at the bottom (that I don’t understand but appreciate none the less) and hand warmers on the end of the sleeves, which I particularly appreciate as I have terrible circulation.

I asked Victoria to spray me with a garden hose to see how waterproof the jacket is, but I was met with “Don’t be such fricking idiot.” Fortunately, I wore this on a wet and windy trip to Glasgow where the jacket repelled all of the acid rain from my torso, whilst my legs looked like I had been breaststroking through the Clyde.

Ski Jacket

In Primary School, I went skiing in the Cairngorms. It was one of the coolest and most enjoyable things I’ve ever done. This jacket is clearly a chill killer and is designed for such epic people with epic hobbies. It makes me want to ski again, but since my spine is as much use as an inflatable dartboard, I’ll just have to stand in our drive with two branches while Victoria throws ice cubes at my face to simulate the experience. Which she will probably enjoy. Romance.

The Ultimate Winter Warmer

I was lucky enough to get sent this jacket in exchange for my non-sensical ramblings. Truth be told, I would have bought this the second I tried it on. That’s saying something from a boy who was raised in the arctic circle of rural Aberdeenshire.

The full price is/was £250 (I’m writing this on cyber Monday so I don’t know how much a pint of milk is today), but lucky for you, it’s currently only £99 over at the Westbeach website. Get it here – Domineer Jacket.