Every Rose Has Its Syrup: Yandra Tea Company2 min read

A rose by any other name

Would taste as sweet. My first experience with a rose drink was in a hotel which we reviewed last year. When asked what I would like to drink, I asked the barwoman to surprise me. Never ask someone to surprise you. She gave me a boke of a drink. It tasted like a moss martini. But being a polite and “grateful for free booze” human, I sipped it merrily like the great pretender. Purely because A, I didn’t want to offend the barwoman. And B, this drink was supposedly very classy. And I’m classy AF… But I’ve avoided rose ever since.

When the Yandra Tea Company got in touch offering me roses of rosy proportion, I was dubious. But I’ll try anything twice. And I am so glad I did. It turns out that the hotel barwoman just despised my tastebuds because that rose drink was generally bogging. And it certainly cannot speak for rose syrup in general.

Floral Flair

Anyone else noticed that over the last year humans are mad into drinking plants? Smoothies, juicing, cocktails, gin. We love ourselves a fluid flower. We are finally wanting to become more at one with nature. Even if it means drinking nature and sometimes getting drunk of nature. Rose syrup is a fabulous example of this. It is still not hugely known and yet it packs a marvellous flavour. As we received our syrup during the holidays, we made ourselves a cocktail with it. What else you gon’ do? Check out our easy tasty cocktails post for cocktail inspo.

Yandra Tea Company


The Yandra Tea Company farm is located on the banks of the Danube in the South East of Romania where they harvest and dry exquisite rosebuds to make rosebud tea. Yandra also makes 100% natural rose syrup from fresh roses to a secret family recipe. They are a mindful and sustainable brand who are ever conscious of natures resources and respecting the land that provides for us.

We loved the taste of Yandras rose syrup. It isn’t overpowering and contains cane sugar which softens and sweetens the floral taste. A versatile and tasty syrup, rose syrup can be used in cocktails, mocktails, desserts, and even baking!

When life throws thorns, hunt for roses.




The Chief.
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