Your BnB Host Glasgow: Clydeside Apartment Review

I’ve got the Quay, I’ve got the secret

Putting together last-minute trips makes me want to retire at 27 and live the rest of my days in an ice cave. It’s even worse when these last-minute trips just absolutely cannot be turned down. If something really decent is happening somewhere and I’ve been invited to it, I’ll make it my life goal to make it happen. In this case, it was the Tennents Visitor Centre launch. During those days of planning, I become a massive gremlin. Cute occasionally, but unpredictable and grumpy the rest. Thankfully, the lovely Michelle at Your BnB Host in Glasgow recently made my life really feckin’ easy. People who make my life really feckin’ easy are really hard to come by. I think I’ve had a sum total of 3 of them this year. 

And considering I was drowning in smoke signals and SOS, this was greatly appreciated. You see, once I become a woman on a mission, there ain’t no stopping me now. And I think Michelle caught on to my vibes, speedily offering me an apartment on Lancefield Quay, beside the River Clyde for our recent trip to Glasgow.

I’m apart-mentalising

As soon as Your BnB Host had found us an apartment, they sent over photos to see what we thought. As soon as we caught a glimpse of the epic view onto the River Clyde from the apartment, we were sold. Everything else was just an added bonus. Confirmation was sent over snappy and within an hour of contacting Michelle, we were all booked in and ready to rock’n’roll. Tick.

Be our guest

Upon arriving at the apartment, we were greeted by Michelle herself who had been warming up the flat for us. Considering it was Jack Frost in Glasgow, this was appreciated. This specific apartment is in a really secure block in a nice looking building directly beside the river, midway between the city centre and the West End (home to the Hydro, transport museum etc).

The apartment we were in was on the ground floor and had it’s own private parking bay and a private outdoor patio, for those warm, Summery nights and for enjoying views over the river. We drank too much tea there.

The flat was modern, immaculate, cosy, homely and extremely secure and comprised of two bedrooms, a kitchen, a spacious livingroom with dining area and a bathroom with corner shower.

All these little things

Mrs Bridges Marmalade. Shortbread. Tunnocks Tea Cakes. Plenty of goodies for breakfast. Toiletries. One of the most comfiest beds I have ever slept in. A guest welcome guide. Plenty of suggestions on what to do in the city. And an “all the essentials” shop just across the road! This apartment on Lancefield Quay had it all.

Your BnB Host Glasgow

All that and we only had the pleasure of staying for one night. But boy did we make the most of it?! A trip down to the Riverside Transport Museum followed by Temaki sushi in our pyjamas. Followed by one of the best sleeps I’ve had in ages. Waking up in the morning and rolling over to gaze out the patio doors onto a Clydeside view. We absolutely loved our experience with Your BnB Host Glasgow and cannot wait to get back for round two. Find out more here. 



The Chief.